Focusing on what we can do as a company in a wide range of fields such as the economy and environment of society as a whole, under the leadership of top management, all employees are working together to contribute to the creation of a better society.

ISO certified

We have acquired the certification of the international standard "ISO14001" for environmental management systems, and by continuously improving the system in the future, we will ensure through quality and environmental management.
("ISO14001" Certified establishments : Head Office / Osaka sales office / Ichikawa Studio)
We will establish a CSR policy in compliance with the seven core themes that are the key to the "ISO26000" guideline for organizational social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Environmental policy

Art Creative Studio Co.,Ltd is a company that contributes to society through the planing, design, and construction of commercial spaces. We know that safe and environmentally consideration and construction are important missions.

  • 1We will endeavor to "protect the environment" and comply with relevant legal and regulatory requirements
  • 2We will continuously improve the effectiveness of the built environmental management system through regular audits and other means.
  • 3We set and work on goals to realize this environmental policy, and regularly review the policy itself.

Flow from construction to recycling

We can make environmentally consideration proposals as a professional in all processes.